Towards a New Year at the right time for you

Hello wondrous friend, 

I've been thinking perhaps you have been wondering and umming and ahhing about setting intentions or goals for 2015 over the last couple of weeks. 

I know that for some of you those intentions or goals may not be sitting peacefully. They might not come easily, felt clunky or like you have been going through the motions for the sake if it, because it's what everyone around you is doing, or because it's almost expected if you are someone who is 'in to' personal development.

I know because I've been feeling the same way. I've realised that that expectation puts so much pressure on us to have it sussed asap. To have the list or the word nailed.

So instead of worrying about it I'd consciously put my New Year deep thinking on hold. I did this because I knew I had some deep alone time coming up. I decided not to force it. I decided to let it settle.

Now, that alone time is almost here. I set off tomorrow for a week in a cosy Bothy in the woods, to think and create.

 A gorgeous Christmas gift I got from a friend- one of these will be coming with me to the Bothy.  

A gorgeous Christmas gift I got from a friend- one of these will be coming with me to the Bothy.  

I have a deep sense of anticipation and peace just thinking about it. 

So in sitting down and thinking about the experience I'd like to have in this precious time; out popped this.


I'm off to have an adventure
I'm off to find some peace
I'm off to see the me inside
the warmth and hide
I go to come out the other side
with a renewed sense of place
and have a heartfelt time
with gumption and with grace.
I'm off to make with heart and hands
I'm off to touch the earth
I'm off to find some clarity
and sit beside the hearth
I hope I see the dark night stars
I hope I feel the rush
of cool crisp air and hush
I will awake in the face of the moon
and return to this place soon.


I'd love to hear about how you have or could go about creating the right time and space for yourself to do this deep work. What has worked for you? What are you struggling with?

I love to create and give people the space and time that they need in my work. If you would like some time with me when I return, please get in touch. Email me here or PM me on facebook and we can put some time in the diary of delight.

With warmth and wonder

Jaimie xx