Have yourself a slowly slowly Christmas

Christmas is sweeping through our lives right now.

Maybe before all the hype started, your re-emerging idealist self realised that much of the aspects of this holiday are a bit crazy. Maybe your thoughts have been to buy less, to spend less, to change your perception of enough, to close your ears to the adverts and comparison.

BUT maybe old conditioning and feelings have crept back in and overtaken you.

You might even notice that this feeling gets especially strong as it gets closer to the finish line, the all singing, all dancing, shiny day of Christmas.

Sound familiar?

Please do not beat yourself up right now!

Instead. Slow down and reflect.

When we slow down we have time to notice what is really going on around us. We might notice where we have given too much and made ourselves ill or powerless, or where we have neglected ourselves and our loved ones in the race for more and better. Or we might feel our best self has gotten lost along the way and we've failed to honour the most important and ideal aspects of our lives.

I invite your to sit with the discomfort of this conflict within yourself.

And ask...

What if I thought about Christmas differently and in turn acted differently? What would be possible then?

What if I visualised how I would like this day to feel in my heart and soul? What is the most precious moment of this day for me?

What if I slowed down this Christmas day and let it be?

What if I asked for help? What if I admitted I couldn't do it all?

What if I set a strong intention for how I would like the holidays to be next year, and started sharing it with my loved ones now? Would we be much less likely to get caught up in it all next year?

I've often struggled with the same thing too and definitely seen members of my family struggle with the heavy expectations they feel are being imposed on them.

But ultimately we get to choose.

I like to remind myself and anyone I see floundering with this at this time of year,

If in doubt keep it simple.

With warmth, wonder and peace for the holidays

Jaimie xx