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Happy YOU day!

Our clocks have gone forward, evenings are stretching out in front of us and sunshine seems to be gracing us with its delight every now and then. I'm so excited as it's that time of year where we begin to feel the need to be outside, the air is crisp with a hint of possibility, sometimes warm and the heating doesn't need to be on inside quite so much either! Sounds like a perfect recipe of a clearer head to me :)

It was my birthday this time last week. I always expect my birthday weather to play by the rules! For as long as a can remember my birthday has been sunny and bright. Last year it didn't, it was grey but this year IT DID! It was a perfect mix of spring sunshine and crispness. So much so I had to get outside as quickly as possible and for as long as possible before I went across town to run a workshop in the afternoon.

I wanted to get away from the temptation to dive into 'being online' and 'getting work done'. Instead i wanted to relax and indulge my true wishes to be completely in my surroundings without worrying about what I should be doing. because to be outside was exactly what I needed to feel healthy and vibrant.

Once I went outside, I had such an amazing feeling of lightness and space, possibility and wonder. I'd been noticing that of course spring was springing but in that moment I took longer than normal to hang out and observe what was going on around me. I got creative with how I experienced the space.

Find and honour that special nature spot . A patch of Birch trees I found on my birthday wander. :)

Find and honour that special nature spot. A patch of Birch trees I found on my birthday wander. :)

I delighted in the variety of bird songs and squawks, the whizz of people going by on their bikes and the voices of children and families also out for a walk along the cycle path that leads through the length and breath of the city. A hidden space, a place apart from the rest of the city.

I breathed deeply, I filled my lungs with a much freshness as I could, I stopped to take photographs of patches of brightness and details that my eyes zoomed in on. I took steps off the established paved path and began exploring the sometimes barely visible path through the woods off to the side.

I noticed that someone- probably the council have been clearing and managing the woods, to make space for renewal and access, and to make the space for YOU and me. How lovely!

I felt so fortunate and blessed and full of possibilities.

As I wandered and wondered along the woods next to the local cycle path I felt like a little girl again, completely free for just a moment.

I've also just spent the last couple of days at my parents in the Highlands, tidying the garden, walking in the woods and pottering about outside. I felt productive, alive and creative.

I feel that this was just where i needed to be in each one of these moments, surrounded by a sense of peaceful playfulness, wonder and service.

What i've learnt is that we don't give ourselves this opportunity very often, to slow down, to feel peaceful, to go outside and be playful, to be creative, to get curious, to notice those moments and things that we might usually just walk by as we go about our day.  Even if we know how good it would feel.

I gave myself this extra special gift on my birthday, but it doesn't need to be on YOUR birthday. It can be any time your need a change of pace, a new perspective or your feeling a little stuck with something or you need to get your creative juices flowing..

If in doubt, think outside. Get away from technology and creatively delight in those natural spaces


Maybe the idea is daunting? Maybe the possibility of going outside and not knowing the first thing to do so you can 'be there' is sticking in your mind and keeping you away from the feeling and spaces you want to experience.

I really wanted to let you know that I know how you feel, and I've been there, especially in city nature spaces.

I really wanted to let you know that I can help you be, to connect, go on creative adventures in nature and find some special places to notice and nurture in your life.

I'd love to know about your special nature spots, or where you've been longing to explore. Join me over on the Made Curious facebook page

I wanted to remind you, or tell you about a little something for the first time in case you missed it...

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This is a 4 week coached creative adventure into nature and is the result of a collaboration with the very lovely Morwhenna Woolcock. A talented artist, designer and creative adventurer  who's all about inspiring and connecting people by creating positive projects.

I wanted to let you know that the EARLY BIRD offer price of £44 ENDS on Saturday 05 April!

This course is for you if…YOU want to...

  •  explore your creativity – but don’t know where to start

  • have a sense of peace and connection in nature within your busy or stressful life

  •  refresh, reinvigorate and develop a deeper knowing of your essential self

  •  learn some simple, yet powerful mindfulness techniques

  •  connect with your inner child and remember what it’s like to be curious & have fun!

You can take part from anywhere in the world, the adventures are delivered straight to your inbox!

We have a super early bird offer of only £44 (normally £88) which ENDS this SATURDAY 6th April!
You also get a tree planted for you with Trees for Life in the Caledonian Forest.

If you are anything like the last lovely community we had your will find your experience of natural spaces and of your own creativity changed deeply.

We'd love to have your along on these creative adventures in nature.

Would you like to be part of the Connect to Nature tribe?

For the full details and to book YOUR place at the early bird price, please make a dash over HERE

With peace and wonder

Jaimie x