From a longing time...

Today, I wanted to share a poem with you. One that flowed from my heart about 13 years ago, in a time of struggle and uncertainty while I was at Art School. Reading it again now I see myself there and despite my painful longing, I see the kernel of something is has been emerging in me all this time, something of my strength, my power and my hopefulness. I found I can move from this feeling now, and take action to move me through the struggle.

Sparkles, I watch them.

Shimmers, I watch them.

Leaping effortlessly. Happy.

So many, out of reach.


Love but hate. Real but not

Impossible things, possible?

Only they know.

Contentment, runs away

and back

No decisions made.


Need to feel it again

Peaceful places

Tender touch. Anything



It calls. Always


Hot, cold, which?

Hoping for something.

Many of those moments of action have stemmed from a sense of knowing and belonging that time surrounded by nature, the love of friends, family or community has brought me. Those peaceful places and touch of the earth that supports me and my life spark. Those groups of people who get me, who understand what I'm going on included! You are the ones who keep encouraging me to reconnect with what I already know and with what I can share from my own experiences and for that I'm SO grateful!

Do you feel like you are reaching for something that isn't clear? Something that seems almost unattainable at the moment but despite this feeling of uncertainty, you are willing to take a step forward toward the feelings and experiences you do want in your life? What or who do you have around you that keeps you feeling hopeful and supported? 

I'd love to hear your story.  Join me for a chat on facebook or comment below.