Connect To Nature course

I'm VERY excited to announce that we will be running this course again

4th april- 2nd May 2015-  - Join Us!

4 weeks of coached creative adventures in nature


This course is for you if YOU want to...

  • feel more vibrant and peaceful, with less stress or anxiety in your life

  • spend more time outdoors exploring new green spaces, on your doorstep or further afield

  • explore you creativity- but don't know where to start, or have neglected it for a while

  • pay more attention and go from scattered and tense to focused and calm

  • move from feeling flat and lacking in ideas to being inspired and full of life

  • refresh and develop a deeper knowing of yourself as part of nature, not separate from it looking on from afar.

  • connect with your inner child, and remember what it's like to be curious and have fun!


Nature is good for you, and you can be good for nature.



The course is the result of a collaboration with the very lovely Morwhenna Woolcock. A talented artist, designer and creative adventurer  who's all about inspiring and connecting people by creating positive projects.


Yes please!

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Morwhenna and I have both discovered the power of reconnecting with nature through art and mindfulness and the beneficial effects on many aspects of our lives. We wanted to share this with you through a series of creative adventures.

We are also delighted to announce that we have again partnered with Trees for Life.  A charity dedicated to restoring the ancient Caledonian Forest into a spectacular wilderness region of 1,000 square miles of mountains and glens to the west of Inverness and Loch Ness. (near my childhood home!) For every person who takes our course - a tree* will be planted for you. ;-)

trees for life logo.png

What you'll receive on this online Creative Adventure...
(no previous art/creative experience required!)

  • A 'Creative Adventure' pack outlining the course details and materials list. You will receive this the day before the course is due to start.

  • A weekly Live Chat on Wednesday evenings at 19.30 - 20.30 (BST) with myself and Morwhenna

  • Weekly adventures direct to your inbox with an invitation to take yourself off on a creative adventures

  • A private online space to connect with other Creative Adventurers to share your experiences, images and ask questions! (We’ll be using Facebook) 

  • Discover and cultivate a deeper sense of connection with your natural surroundings and awareness of yourself

  • New creative skills and mindfulness techniques which you will benefit from long after the course has finished

  • Over the course you’ll be encouraged to create a 1 main  artwork directly relating to Nature and your environment, which will be as individual as you are (no creative experience necessary!) This will develop from your many creative adventures.

  • A chance to celebrate and reflect together on the final day of the course- 2nd May

  • A follow up day in September - with a one day online workshop and a chance to regroup and reflect.

  • A tree* planted for you in the Caledonian Forest, Scotland with Trees for Life. You will also receive a certificate with details of your tree.

  • Morwhenna and I will be on hand throughout the whole course to guide and coach you should you feel stuck in any way. We want this course to be fun and to give you the opportunity to experiment and be curious!!

START DATE: 4th April 2015. This is a 4 week course


Investment from you..

•    Each Creative Adventure will be different and we recommend a commitment of  around 1 hour per adventure.  Feel free though to spend as long as you wish on each adventure! It really is up to you.

•    Curiosity
•    An open mind
•    No judgement – leave that at the door! There is no right or wrong way to do this course and the process is part of the experience.
•    A willingness to experiment
•    Allowing yourself to ENJOY it and have FUN!

We would LOVE to have you join us !

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Join us for only £66

(*includes a tree planted in the Caledonian Forest)

What others are saying about Connect to Nature

 Some examples from the Connect to Nature course

Some examples from the Connect to Nature course

"I had many highlights of last year and the course was was of those - in a big way x"

Justina Hart

Last Summer was such a gift and helped me connect at a much deeper level to the part of Norfolk where we live. Something about the microcosm and macrocosm. It reignited something and now I am at the beginning of 3 projects."

          Chloe Asprey

"Connect to Nature really helped me be aware of little details. When my mom and I were admiring the golden aspens up in the mountains, I noticed little crystalline water droplets amongst the leaves on the forest floor. They looked like little gems.

I like to look at grand vistas and appreciate them, then look down to my feet and around where I'm standing or walking for the "fine print"!!

 Loved the course and would highly recommend it!"

Nancy Fithian

I'm much more aware of nature in the city - like this small garden opposite Waterloo Station. A few weeks ago, I might not have noticed it - or at the very least, I would have walked / run past without taking some photos!

Julia Barnickle

       Nancy Fithian using a different perspective, one of Chloe Asprey's celebratory artworks, Seaside Mandala by Justina Hart.

     Nancy Fithian using a different perspective, one of Chloe Asprey's celebratory artworks, Seaside Mandala by Justina Hart.

Look forward to adventuring with you soon!!

Much love

Jaimie & Morwhenna


Why work with us?


Me! Jaimie MacDonald

I have a real love for education, sustainability and the environment and express this through creative reuse workshops, making jewellery from reused materials and coaching people on rediscovering curiosity and creativity in their lives.

My favourite moments are when people realise they can do something they had never thought of before, when they begin to believe in their own creativity and connection to the world around them.

I grew up on a croft in the Highlands of Scotland where I spent hours and hours following my curiosity and rambling through nooks and crannies, exploring the possibilities of hidden places and objects.

After working in arts and creativity and living in the city for 10 years I started to feel a real yearning to reconnect to the natural spaces that surround me, to explore and rediscover the deep and relaxed connection I had as a child. Exploring in this way has given me so much delight and sense of peace. It has offered a way of noticing the connections, patterns and rhythms around me and finding a new way of seeing my place and purpose in it all.

Morwhenna Woolcock

I am artist, designer, creative adventurer and creative marketing consultant who after working for over 10 years for a large corporate company, left to follow my own path and rediscover my creative heart.  I love combining creativity, sustainability and community by breathing new life and purpose into ‘pre-loved’ and recycled materials. I also love to create 'projects' alongside my creations that connect people. (Bags of Love for Bristol, Love What You Wear, Supermarket Free Challenge to name a few.!)

How did this course come about?

Morwhenna and I met in May 2012 after both taking part in a 30 Day Challenge created by ‘Screw Work Lets Play’ author John Williams. After discovering a mutual love of working with recycled materials, art and nature, we decided it was a natural thing to combine our skills and to create ‘a series of creative adventures’ together. And that’s how this course was born! Hurrah!

*Each tree will be planted at a cost of £5. Usual price £15, we have been able to arrange a lower price due to the fact we will be planting a lot of trees!  So the more people that take part – the more trees that will be planted!

Watch our adventures in the Caledonian Forest 2013

I want to go on some Creative Adventures in Nature! 

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Join us for £66

Here is a little video we made of our magical visit to the Caledonian Forest in September 2013


Yes I want to have some Creative Adventures in Nature!

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 Join us for £66

*Each tree will be planted at a cost of £5. Usual price £15, we have been able to arrange a lower price due to the fact we will be planting a lot of trees!  So the more people that take part – the more trees that will be planted!