Building peaceful magic

I've just been out building!

When my friend and colleague told me last weekend- whilst we were running our first Forest Families session- that she was going to be showing a group of teachers at a local school how to create their very own living willow dome in their school grounds, I knew I had to be there!

I wanted to learn this for real, not just read it in a book- that's so NOT my style- I wanted to be hands on and feel the process, feel the materials and feel the energy of everyone creating something together. For their school and for the children.

I arrived and the group had already started marking out the size of the dome. A couple of the children were there being fabulous helpers, measuring the space and piercing the ground ready for the willow to be planted.

living willow dome 1.jpg

We worked quickly and methodically, building the door frame and main upright structure and then criss-crossing to give the dome strength and form, neatening and tucking the ends over and under as we went.

The energy of the group was wonderful and the smiles and gasps of others as they came to see, geniunely delighted!

I was building with joy and with sunshine on my back and warmth in my heart.

I'm so glad i listened to my intuition!

The way i feel right now, been building an honest to goodness beacon of hope, a point of magic and a peaceful playful place in the world.

The world needs more peaceful playful magic!

in wonder and delight

Jaimie x