The power of letting go

Just in the last few weeks i've been examining the role of simplicity in my life

Simplicity is my word for 2014 and i'm enjoying exploring what it might mean for me and my life. What might it take for make my life to feel simplier and lighter.

And it's got me wondering...

Have you ever had the feeling that something’s got to give but despite knowing that, you hold on for dear life? no matter how much it hurts, no matter how scary? When it hurts more to let go than to keep holding on? When the pain is feeding us negativity, shame or worry, do you really want it?


Now if you're lucky, and you realise what's going on, what needs to shift, eventually you will get to tipping point where the pain of staying put is greater than that of letting go.

You can choose to let go and release that pain or keep holding on and suffer longer, keep going round the same loop, never really moving forward.

I’ve been coming to this realisation for a while now in my life and it feels like the realisation became stronger when I was travelling in Costa Rica and Argentina in 2012.

Glimpses of something simpler and more peaceful were given to my senses and I came back to this world seeing changes that need to happen in the way i live my life and in the way I create my business, doing the things i love to do.

Now, I've tried to change them, and in some areas of my life and business i've been able to make great shifts in my ways of being and focus on the way I want it to be.

But all the while, I was still keeping some of the deeper habits, ways of thinking and objects that were always just there, weighing me down.

For long enough, I was denying that the change needed was for me to say NO! and let go... in order to feel more alive, ready for deeper change and opportunity to come my way and light myself up.

Promise that you'll remember this!

Letting go is not failure, it's not giving up.

Letting go is …

making space for something new to emerge

to allow space to breathe

a chance to feel peaceful

to imagine

to get curious

to start over

to ask what if?

To look up, see what’s been going on when you haven’t been paying attention.

To take the chance to reconnect with what really matters to you: your meaning, your why, your reasons to get up in the morning and be open to the potential positive possibilities all around you.

So, whether you're letting go of those possessions, that way of being, that story you tell yourself, that part of your business or a relationship that no longer lights you up,

think of what wonders and delight you could be saying YES to instead and practice day by day...

Letting go.

What are you practising letting go of right now? What do you feel in your heart that you need to let go of to take the next step in your life?

I'd love to hear from you, let's chat about it, over on my facebook page

light blessings

Jaimie x