Exploring the places you find yourself

Right now I'm getting ready to go to NYC. For the very first time!

I'm so excited about it for many reasons. 

Firstly, because I have a piece of jewellery in an exhibition in The Museum of Arts and Design!

Lil ol me exhibiting in NYC and I'm in the same exhibition as Andy Warhol! What!?  Plus sitting right alongside some really really fabulous international jewellers!

(confused? well you'll know that I love to make and create, but in another life I was a jeweller making work from upcycled materials...I see an environmental theme forming here!)

Anyway, as I was saying, not only am I going to see my jewellery in a big fancy museum, I'm also really loving the fact that I'll be in a Mecca of urban greening/guerilla gardening and creative use of public green spaces. 

And I'm especially excited to check out the use of education, learning and personal development in those spaces. 

I might just find a part of myself in this place

So I've been busily researching and contacting places to visit and so far on my list are:

The High Line- a former elevated railway, left abandoned and neglected for many years and now revived and highly popular and beautiful green park space and walkway, with many volunteers and education programmes.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden- They have a children's garden and youth mentoring programme. What more can i say! *smiles*

Brooklyn Forest – A Forest School founded in Prospect Park, set up by a couple in 2002 and now classes are spread all over NYC. What's even more brilliant is that I've been invited along to join in with one of their classes while I'm there! Yippee! 

Eagle Steet Rooftop Farm- well just as it says, a fab 6,000sg ft rooftop farm in Brooklyn that grows organic produce and sells it in their own shop. They also have bees! yeah for bees! yummy for honey!

PLUS a few others that I've been told about but haven't checked out yet...I can't do everything in 6 days, unfortunately!

Closer to a life you LOVE

So with all that in my mind I'm brought back to realising that things I'm doing everyday are moving me closer to a life that I LOVE and brings me fresh insights and ideas. How wonderful that I can do that for myself!

I feel a real connection, I hope you do too.

I see the connection in nurturing your health and well-being by being outdoors, I see the connection in noticing the small details and the bigger picture and I see the connection in learning how to honour your own inner space and inner peace. 

To be honest, I'm fan of 'where attention goes energy flows'  and finding the deeper meaning for transformation in something that captures our attention. 

So I'm going to keep looking and exploring what this means for us all. So I can keep helping you be able to live a happier, healthier and more curious life.

Finding yourself in the searching

I've also have in my mind those of you who might be struggling and searching, trying to figure out what you want and where you are going right now- self-doubt and confusion are no strangers to me either- and I'm thinking about how I can help you to take that next step in creating the kind of environment in your mind, in your heart, in your daily life. Little by little, every day returning to your hopes and dreams.  I'd love to help you take ACTION, so one day possibly not to far from now, you could find yourself exactly where you needed to be and dreamt you could be.

And on that note, I'd like to share this little video with you. Plus there are loads of other lovely inspiring videos and resources on the Culture Unplugged site. 


The Curious Garden- A simply adorable piece of storytelling from Peter Brown.

Gorgeous isn't it! Oh I love it soooo much it gives me butterflies!

I love it because it shows us how repeated small positive actions done with love can transform ourselves, the lives of others and our environment, the places that we live and work, the places where we create our lives, the places where we become all that we can be.

What are you moving towards day-by-day, action- by- action?

Or if you're feeling stuck on knowing where you are heading or what action to choose first, please come and chat with me on facebook or please reach out to me for a free discovery session so we can talk and begin to dig a little deeper and see where I can help the real you emerge.

With care and curiosity

Jaimie xx