The First Step

‘Whatever you believe or know you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it’

I've been stalling on writing blog posts, perhaps it's the blank page, the newness, the endless options or i've been waiting for the right thing to say….or knowing at all what it is I want to write about. Something I can know and share wholeheartedly.

Then I realised, I created made curious as a place for you to explore your possibilities and the world that you create for yourself, so why shouldn’t I use it for that exact same reason?!
I want to share my points of curiosity with you, my wonderings and my discoveries so that you may be courageous, step forward and discover yours…deeply.

I’ve re-realised that it really is only in the starting of something that we will truly know what we stand for, what gets us out of bed in the morning, what makes our very own curiosity receptors tingle and let ourselves be drawn by them.

…write 5 lines in your diary with feeling…do you feel differently? What feels different?
…bake a cake with the flavour you’ve been wondering about and would love to try…what does it taste like?
…find a place to be peaceful…sit for 5 minutes. notice the rhythm of your surroundings
…go to a place where you feel at home…be there and notice what makes you feel comfortable
…imagine what it’s like to not know the world at all…to be brand new…Where would you go? Who would you speak to? what would you ask? 

What first step will you take today?

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