NEW- Wander and wonder sessions

(Outdoor sessions available between Mid March and September)

Do you ever feel restless and all up in your head about something? Ever just feel the need to just get out, to get moving, walk around and pace things out? Do you sometimes do this all by yourself, but find you're left with no solution at all, you still don't know what to do to move ahead?

I can help!

I'll be your listening post and your Sherpa. I will help you to figure out what right for YOU to DO next!

Wander and wonder sessions go along these lines:

We pick a mutually comfortable and accessible outdoor spot in your local area to wander together and agree on a time and place to meet.

I am available to deliver wander and wonder sessions around the city centre (EH1, EH2, EH3) leith, newhaven (EH6, EH7) and areas close to city centre (EH8, EH9 and EH10)


When we meet we will explore what you would like to wonder about in your life right now and we get down to the magic of wandering and wondering together. We will investigate what you REALLY want, get curious about what your future might look like and get you moving towards what you imagine.


Book YOUR 1 hour Wander and Wonder session now

Special Introductory price £35

Once you have done that I will email you to arrange a date and time.  any questions, please email me on jaimie *at*