As a freelancer, especially when starting out on that new path, things can get quite overwhelming and downright scary. There is always the security brain that wants you to hold on to your part-time job just in case. Through Jaimies' thoughtful questioning and careful guidance it became clear how much potential I can dig out if I go beyond the fear and embrace the skills and talents I have!

During the coaching sessions, self-realisation moments popped up all the time. Jaimie was a catalyst of many ideas and of constructive action plans that I had to work through outside the sessions. Having her friendly yet firm smile in my mind while working through my action plans, made it an interesting journey of discovery of the love for my 'job' and of the hurdles I need to tackle to make it all go smoothly.

I started to observe my daily patterns, my excuses and my own fear-mongering and thus was able to put them in their place, slowly but surely.

But coaching sessions with Jaimie wouldn't be what they are, if it was't for the hint of magic I witnessed over the last months! Personal dreams and ambitions have indeed started to flourish, longings for the likes of an office space fell through out of the blue and without any long searching. Defining what it is that I want and need, in order to manage my freelance creative career, gave the impetus to be able to jump over some of the hurdles that stood in the way.

I highly recommend to anybody who is struggling with their career choice, with their creative ambitions and life dreams to get Jaimie's assistance to unravel whatever it is that is holding them back!

Thanks Jaimie for such wonderful sessions with the perfect amount of magic and encouraging smiles! 


I highly recommend Jaimie's life coaching service. It gave me the clarity of thought and structure to make those changes I needed in order to be much happier in life. Looking back I am still surprised by what I have managed to do in the 12 weeks I initially signed up for. Jaimie is truly excellent at what she does. She is an amazing listener and very good at asking just the right questions. She's also incredibly patient and encouraging. Most importantly, in a world where everybody seem to tell you what to think, Jaimie provided me with an oasis where I could think - really think - for myself. It helped me take control of things which I previously thought were out of my control. It has been such a lovely and empowering experience. Thank you Jaimie. You are truly awesome! :-)


I stumbled upon Jaimie's life coaching services at the start of, what turned out to be in every sense, a watershed moment in my life.  With her expert but unassuming support, I found the space to clear my head, decide on the right path for me and stick to it through all the family trauma, social drama and dizzying freedom of independence.   A year on, I am working in an area that I love, I eat well and exercise, I have friends who support me and am about to marry a complete dreamboat (who, incidentally, also benefitted from Jaimie's services).  Most importantly, though, I know how to stay true to what I want for myself when the going gets tough.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Jaimie to anyone wanting a little space to think things through, make the right plan and never look back.


Jaimie is a natural communicator with people. She works as a Life Coach with creativity, ease and sensitivity – and, because she is serious about her role in helping another to extend and open possibilities, she can challenge and stretch in a very compassionate, yet bold, way. If you are looking for someone who can help you take stock of your life, support you to create a new future and encourage you to embrace life more fully, then I would have no hesitation in recommending Jaimie.



Workshops- Imagined Futures

I really enjoyed it. It was important time out from everything else- great to reflect on what’s important to me and have a reminder for when I’m :(

I really enjoyed taking part & I hope you do go on and do lots of the workshops they're a great idea. I think the way things are just now people are used to emails, phones & being constantly available & in work mode or like someone else in the session said doing things for other people. I think what you do is so important to helping people remember life isn't all about that!

I feel more sure of my own creativity. Sometimes I get lost in trying too hard to be fantastic, this allowed me to just enjoy myself.

Very valuable-it’s important to have time to think about things and we don’t often give ourselves that freedom!

Creative Reuse workshops

Here’s what some of the many people I’ve worked with over the years have to say about my creative reuse workshops

This has been a great session.all very useful and I can use all the activities with the range of groups that I work with” – LAYC staff training participant

“This is the best thing we’ve ever had at the library!”- young teen girl Granton Library after an Upcycled jewellery workshop