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Life Coaching

Q What is coaching all about? Is it like counselling?








Q Isn’t this what my friends and family are for? Why should I work with you?







Q Will you tell me how to change my life?



Q Where will my coaching session happen? Face-to face, phone of skype?




Q How much does a coaching session cost?


Q Do I have to commit to a block of sessions?










Q Will it be confidential?



Q How do I pay for sessions?




Q Are you qualified as a coach?





Where do your workshops take place?




How can I book a place on a workshop?



How do I pay for my workshop place?




A You can email me on or fill in the contact form. 

You can contact me on my mobile 07739814766

Or if you want to say hello to me and the world please like and post a message on the Made Curious facebook page.



A Coaching is a talking therapy like counselling, however where it differs is in the focus of our conversations together. Where counselling might focus on problems and the past, coaching conversations focus on the future, starting from where you are right now and imagining where you want to get to with specific areas of your life. We then figure out together through thought and feeling provoking questions how you will get you moving confidently towards what you have imagined.


A Well sometimes yes, sometimes no. our family and friends are great to call on for a shoulder to cry on but they may at some time or other tell you what to do or give you advice where it’s not wanted, and that might not really be what you need to help you along the way. 

With me as your coach you will get a deep listening ear with no agenda and someone to gently hold your dreams as you navigate a way to reach them.


A Coaching is not about telling you what to do, it’s about you and me as your coach helping you to find the answers that are 100% right for you and then figuring out how to make those changes a reality, one step at a time.


A I have a lovely comfy space where most of my face to face sessions happen. But if you’re unable to get there we can either arrange another more suitable venue or we can use the telephone or Skype. It’s up to you and what you feel comfortable with.


A See here for coaching fees.



A I do recommend a block of sessions over a period of 2-3 months as it gives us more time to get to grips with the juicy stuff, and get some of those old habits and beliefs shifting. Studies show that it takes on average 66 days to put the effort into breaking old habits and form new ones in their place. However if you just want to kick start your thinking in one particular area a shorter block of sessions will get you started in the right direction. Additional sessions can be added after the initial block of sessions depending on your needs.



A Yes, all of our sessions together whether they be face to face, phone or skype are 100% confidential. 


I ask that all sessions are paid in advance whenever possible, whether they are weekly, monthly or one off payments. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or paypal. Cheques should be made payable to Miss Jaimie MacDonald.


Yes. I qualified as a personal coach with local coach training company Acorn Principle Plus in 2010. The course as accredited by The Association of Coaching. I’m committed to working towards increasing my knowledge and understanding of coaching and it’s principles through attending informal training and seminars.



I currently hire rooms in St Margaret's House, Edinburgh to run workshops from. However, venues may vary depending on availability and size of group.


Email me on to book a place. 


Please pay by cash, cheque or paypal. Cheques should be made payable to Miss Jaimie MacDonald