You were born curious, made curious.

Somewhere along the way you may have lost that feeling that makes you come alive, your eyes light up and your world open out...

If you let me, I will be your dream sherpa, your magic scout and wonder wanderer.

Join me...

I will help you take steps to reach your dream. Let me help you carry the load and let's figure out the landscape together.

I have a deep love of peaceful and natural places, and I do all i can to seek them out wherever I go. You can come along too with my wander and wonder coaching sessions

You will find a space to think, a space to be and learn about yourself

I am motivated and moved by your depth, meaning and potential for wonder.

I can help you to explore what meaning you are already creating and want to create in the world.

I have a curious mind. I am always on the look out for new ideas and eager to learn, learn, learn! I will be by your side you help you seek your possibilities and offer the chance for you to create ripples in your life by following your own inner curious nature and creativity.  Whether you believe they are in there or not yet.

I am quiet and contemplative with a playful side, exploring and offering you deep listening and playful moments whenever needed.

I don't offer quick fixes - I offer you encouragement and act as your guide in thinking for yourself, guiding you back to a life of wonder and action.

I will encourage you to look up from your everyday life and notice what's going on around you, what's passing by that you could learn from.

I am an idealist- i want to help you explore the best you want for yourself and the world

I am not afraid to remind you of your dreams and your commitment to that dream- I will, with your permission give you a hand up if you fall off your dream path.

I can help you make beauty out of the un-extraordinary, to see the extraordinary in the everyday.

I can help you re-see the place you live and the life you are living.

If you get the feeling that a ‘correct’ course imposed or ingrained is stifling your sparkle, you will want to get curious and join in with what I have to offer through

The roots of my curiosity

Hi, I'm Jaimie.

Looking back, I see I have always searched for and helped realise potential in people and things. I grew up on a croft in the Highlands of Scotland where I spent hours and hours following my curiosity through nooks and crannies, exploring the possibilities of hidden places and objects. 

These childhood ramblings eventually found their way into my studies.  Trained as a jeweller and silversmith at the Edinburgh College of Art, I was intrigued by the potential of unwanted materials like contact lens containers to be transformed into beautiful, wearable, inspiring objects.

Cluster Necklace- contact lens containers and sterling silver

Cluster Necklace- contact lens containers and sterling silver

I also worked in arts education for a local charity where I had the playful responsibility of designing and delivering creative reuse craft workshops for children and adults. I got a feel for a wide range of people and abilities and spent time developing my ideas and teaching others how to think differently about undervalued materials.

My favourite moments were when people realised they could do something they had never thought of before, when they began to believe in their own creativity. As I learnt to teach and support others in a creative and educational setting, I began to see myself helping people transform their own views of themselves and their abilities. I decided to make this a definite part of my career and qualified as a personal coach with Acorn Principle Plus, Edinburgh in May 2010. 

About Made Curious


Made Curious originated with the buzz I get seeing people’s faces light up when they find it in themselves to create beautiful and meaningful things in their lives. Through my own creative career as a jeweller and arts educator, I have experienced the blocks and the joys of artistic life as well as the intense soul-searching it takes to find and pursue goals that fit. In May 2010, I qualified as a personal coach because I know what a difference it would have made to my life had I been coached earlier on.